Image capture, 3D situational awareness and image data transmission are generic technologies
used in a multitude of business applications, including: production technologies, robotics,
security, healthcare and digital entertainment. In all vision based professional applications, the
trend in image capture continues towards higher spatial and temporal resolutions, and better
image quality.

The IMAGINATION project will develop:

A highly qualified and multi-disciplinary team is required to develop the various aspects of the technologies such as optics, image capture, video processing and transmission. To develop and optimize these technologies for professional products, a consortium with a critical mass of world-class engineering and research skills is required.
This project brings together important European players in the imaging industry with proven records of accomplishment. The team consists of an R&D institute, fabless design houses, a semiconductor manufacturer, and system integrators experienced in image sensor technologies, signal processing, transmission and camera integration.
Technical results will be demonstrated in a Machine Vision and in a broadcast camera application, as well in technology demonstrators.